is brought to you by June, a Brooklyn, NY, natural wine bar and restaurant offering drive-up food and libations.

TomatoCam first went online eleven years ago on April 25, 2009. The stay-at-home situation was the motivation to bring it back for 2020.

Follow us on Twitter @TomatoCam for all event announcements such as equipment changes and scheduled close-ups.

If the window above is dark, it's probably nighttime here.

Tub #1 (Peppers)

Serrano Chili Peppers (left rear)
Shishito Peppers (organic, center rear)
Padron Peppers (right rear)

Anaheim Peppers (left front)
Shishito Peppers (organic, center front)
Hungarian Yellow Wax Sweet Pepers (organic, right front)

Tub #2

Better Boy Tomatoes
Jubilee Tomatoes

Tub #3

Sweet 100 Tomatoes
Brandywine Tomatoes

Tub #4

Grande Rio Verde Tomatillos
Early Girl Tomatoes

The Tubs

The tubs are EarthBox. All four tubs are irrigated using the EarthBox watering system.

The Streaming Setup

Think about it. Have your really got nothing better to do than to watch tomatoes grow? I asked this eleven years ago when TomatoCam first launched, but we didn't have an ongoing pandemic at that point. So I guess you don't have anything better to do right now.

Okay, since you're here...

The camera is a Sony RX100mk7 shooting at 1080p. The HDMI output passes through a Magewell USB Capture device to an ASUS VivoBook Flip Laptop running Windows 10.

The laptop streams over WiFi to Twitch.

The website is running on an Amazon Web Server (AWS).